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Your 'Sherpa' Team


Base Camp

Business Plan

We know the most feasible route to the peak. Ask your Sherpas!


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We know what FIH means to an emerging technology company. Let us support you!


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Clinical Research

We understand to significance of solid clinical data for the future of your emerging business. Ask for your company's best clinical strategy!


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Market Development

Your technology needs to find a market? We pave the way for market acceptance of your offering.


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We guide you through a tricky and responsible process. Take the hurdles with us!


Intermediary Camp

Early Commercialization

We understand the importance of early and intelligent revenue. Join us to get first sales!


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Corporate Financing

We know how to create value for investors and help money and opportunity to meet. ..and are ready to join your financing efforts!


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We help you and your customers to get money for your product. Ask us for your reimbursement strategy!


High Camp

Clinical Routine

You need to demonstrate market adoption for your product? Rely on the experience of your Sherpas in the field!


Next Stage

Sales Ramp-up

We drive your business expansion in Europe's #1 market. Make money with us and your product!


The Summit

Business Consolidation

We hold the stair for your last pullup to the peak. Get your business into the pole position!

What's a Sherpa? Being native Tibeters, elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain they were valuable to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides at the extreme altitudes of the region.

About us

Your Gateway to Germany and Europe

As a ‘Business Building Company’ we serve small to midsize med-tech enterprises with expertise, networks and resources. We empower their management to accelerate the company’s corporate development.
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The Mission

We take Innovation to Heart

It is our mission to support emerging medical device businesses all the way on their demanding journey to build a viable business in Europe and create value for their company, investors and stakeholders.
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Breaking News !

Algisyl® in 2017

LoneStar Heart, Inc., will report two-year results of AUGMENT-HF and progress updates on further therapy development at key European meetings in 2017
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